Wolva was born from the need to make period care much more sustainable. It’s a brand created by a Finnish family owned company Delipap, which has been developing, designing and manufacturing sustainable feminine care products for more than 40 years.

Wolva’s main ingredients are sourced from certified Nordic forests with some added organic cotton.

Wolva is 100% vegan, biodegradable and carbon negative.

Wolva woman with lingonberry

Carbon Negative = Climate Positive

Wolva is carbon negative. Not just carbon neutral. This means that, first of all, our operations emit as little CO2 as possible and that the remaining emissions we overcompensate together with Gold Standard, an offset system established by the UN and WWF to ensure projects that reduce carbon emissions with the highest levels of environmental integrity and contributing to global sustainable development.

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The Wolva Ingredients

The main ingredients we use in the Wolva products are Cellulose Fiber from Certified Finnish Forests and Organic Cotton.

But just as important is what we don’t use. We don’t use any traditional plastics or viscose in the actual products. Nor do we use any chlorine bleaching or add unnecessary dyes or any fragrances to Wolva. All our products are 100% vegan so they are completely free of any components of animal origin.


With Wolva nature doesn't pay the price cirle

Who pays the price?

All Wolva products are made from natural ingredients. They are vegan and carbon negative. The main ingredients are sourced from certified forests or they are organic cotton. Our small factory runs on renewable energy and is based on zero-waste principles. All the workers get fair wages. We know exactly where the ingredients come from to each product, when was it made and who made it, so all the products are fully traceable.

This is why Wolva’s cost a bit more than your average period care products.
When you buy Wolva, you can be sure that the nature doesn’t pay a price. With some cheaper period care products, they are not always good for our planet.

Production with minimum emissions


Zero waste. Our factory generates no waste. Everything we don’t use goes back to recycling so nothing, absolutely nothing, goes to garbage or dumps.

wolva water power

Zero emissions energy. Wolva products are manufactured using certified hydropower. Hydropower (or water energy) comprises renewable energy that produces no CO2 emissions. As a company, this choice allows us to reduce our carbon footprint by 285 tonnes of CO2 a year. This corresponds to the annual heating of 100 electrically heated detached houses or a drive of 1.4 million kilometres in a petrol car.

And by the way, in Finland with its 168.000 lakes, there’s no shortage of rivers and of this energy.

wolva FSC certified forest

Zero bad behavior. We treat the forest as we treat us. The main absorbing layer in Wolva products, the finely treated cellulose, comes from sustainably certified Nordic forests.

wolva minimal transportation needs

Minimal transport needs. Most of the Wolva ingredients are sourced near our factory in order to keep the transportation distances, and thus the transportation emissions, as low as possible. Unfortunately cotton, and especially the organic cotton we use, doesn’t grow near our factory, so that we need ship from overseas. But we compensate that freight, as we compensate all our remaining emissions, more than they emit in order to make us carbon negative over all.

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Vegan. All the Way.

As strange as it might sound to you, many hygiene products use materials from animal production. We don’t. We believe that animals should be left alone and not to be used in anyway in our products. Wolva products are 100% vegan and certified by V-label.

Wolva products