Born in the Pure Finnish Nature

Wolva was born in a forest in Southern Finland by a core team of seven strong women (and two very helpful men). We had a simple mission; to bring you menstrual products that are as healthy and as safe on you as possible, as beautiful as possible and as good for the planet as possible. For us, the forest is a source of raw materials, a source of inspiration and place to renew our strengths.

Wolva woman in cave looking up

The Power of Periods

Wolva cheers the periods!  We think that our cycle is a vital part of the feminine force and it is part of our potential. Our periods nurture us and they empower us. They make us what we are and make us give our best to the world around us.

If we free the forces of our menstrual flow, we are revived and the world is a better place.

Wolva women by the lake

We bleed,
yet we
are not

We live under the sun and love under the moon.

We know our shadows and aren’t afraid of the dark.

We bleed so we can create. Our blood is nurturing and powering.

We bleed so we can embrace our true nature. We are nature, we are revived by our flow.

We bleed, yet we are not hurt.

We are women. We are Wolva.

Emilia outdoors with her dog

A Family Affair

The company was founded by my grandfather in 1979. He was a very innovative man and when he had his second child, my dad, he noticed that all the diapers of that era where very industrial and irritated the little boy’s skin. So he started to think about more clean, safe and natural materials and gradually came up with the idea of using pulp, a soft material separated from wood fibers, to use as the absorbing material. This lead to creating the company’s first diapers and gradually our first sanitary pads.

Today, we employ around 70 people. My aunt Sanna is the managing director and my other aunt Riikka our production manager. My dad Oskari is the vice president and he has apparently inherited my grandad’s inventivenes… Together with these people plus our whole wonderful Wolva team we have developed Wolva, which we truly believe will be as good for the nature as it is for you.


Emilia Nordström,
the Mother Wolva

The Wolva Values

We have seven values that we live upon. They are:

Ethical, Natural, Premium, Brave, Empowering, Open minded and Alert.

Our mission is to embrace the force of the menstrual flow.

Wolva woman with leaf shadow in her face

Ethical, indeed.

Wolva is created and made by a Finnish family owned company called Delipap. We have been developing and designing sustainable feminine and baby care products for more than 40 years and since the beginning, our core competencies have included environmental responsibility, skin-friendliness and high product quality.


Wolva woman with lingonberry