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Wolva Pads

Wolva Sanitary Pads use a very finely treated and chlorine-free cellulose fibre from certified woods in Finland. This core is combined with a soft, genuine 100% organic cotton layer.

Wolva regular sanitary padsWolva-regular-wings-pads-closeup

19,95 (inc. VAT)

REGULAR Wings Pads

38 pcs. Value Pack
0,53€ / pc.

19,95 (inc. VAT)

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Wolva long sanitary padsWolva-long-wings-pads-closeup

19,95 (inc. VAT)

LONG Wings Pads

36 pcs. Value Pack
0,55€ / pc.

19,95 (inc. VAT)

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Wolva Night sanitary pads

19,95 (inc. VAT)

NIGHT Wings Pads

34 pcs. Value Pack
0,59€ / pc.

19,95 (inc. VAT)

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Our organic Sanitary Pads are good for you and for the planet. The Pads are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, biodegradable and produced CO2-negative, which makes them eco-friendly.

More about our vegan Sanitary Pads

Did you know that there is no regulation on the market when it comes to the used materials in period pads? Regular Sanitary Pads are often made with synthetics and fragrances that can harm our skin and especially nature as it produces waste. Wolva was created to change the game of period pads.

Our production in Finland is completely carbon negative as we only use renewable energy in our factories. We operate under strict zero waste principles and reuse everything we can.

There are no chemicals, dyes, fragrances or plastics in our eco-friendly Sanitary Pads. We use only organic cotton combined with cellulose from nordic forests that are both glued together with a certified safe glue (which is even used in food packaging).

Our period care might be disposable, but is yet sustainable. Dive deeper into the details of our sustainability.

You rather want to know more about our reasons? Read more about our story.