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How can I recycle the used pads and pantyliners / Is it ok to throw the pads and pantyliners in the biowaste?

Wolva products are biodegradable. However, the recycling rules & procedures depend on the city you live in, so the local guidelines must be checked before throwing your used Wolvas in the biowaste bin. In some cases the waste management sercives does not allow recycling of used sanitary towels in the biowaste, due to hygienic risks possibly caused to their employees, as the biowaste is not always handled only by machines but might need human involvement. In these cases the menstruation blood in the used product as well as other human fluids are considered to be hazardous for the employees because of the risk of bacteria and viruses. Should this be the case in your local area, Wolva products should be recycled as mixed waste.

What are the glues made of and are they biodegradable?

The glues used in our products are resin-based hot-melt adhesives, which can be found as very thin layers in the pads and pantyliners. The glues used in the pads and pantyliners are in compliance to FDA regulations for glues which are suitable for indirect contact with, for instance, food items. Unfortunately we have not been able to find a fully biodegradable glue that would be suitable for the products. We care about you and the nature and are in our opinion currently using the best possible combination of raw materials available on the market. We are constantly looking for better options for the raw materials and hopefully we will be able to find a suitable glue that would be completely biodegradable. As the glues are a small part of the product it does not affect the recyclability or biodegradability of the whole product.

How long would it take for the pads / pantyliners to turn into soil in the nature?

The process of composting products always requires favorable conditions for decomposition. Therefore, the composting time may vary. The composting time is greatly affected by, for example, humidity and temperature. In optimal conditions it would take a few months for the product to compost.

Despite the fact that our pads and pantyliners are biodegradable, we don´t recommend you to through them in the nature as we would not recommend you to do with any other products or biowaste either. For example it can take a month for a banana peel to compost in optimal conditions in the nature but it can take up to two years for a paper napkin or orange peel to compost in the nature. This is the reason why the products should be properly recycled, even though they are biodegradable.

How can I be sure that the products are biodegradable?

We know that all the raw materials used, except the glues, are fully biodegradable as they either come straight from the nature (for example Organic cotton and Cellulose) or have a certification for the composability. The compostable back sheet used in Wolva pads and pantyliners fulfill the EU standard EN 13432 requirements for compostability.

How are the cellulose and cotton bleached?

Chlorine bleaching is not a good thing as it creates dioxins as a by-product which is known to be carcinogen. That’s why Wolva products are bleached with a totally chlorine free method and thus very safe for you to use. The cotton is hydrogen peroxide bleached and the cellulose is oxygen bleached.

Wolva products are Vegan certified by V-label, what does this mean in practice?

Products that do not contain animals or parts of animals are considered vegan. To be vegan, products must not be created with the help of living animals or animal-derived products. This considers all production and processing steps. Wolva products are 100% vegan and certified by V-label.

You say you are CO2 Negative - what does it mean? How is this calculated and compensated?

Yes, Wolva is, indeed, carbon negative and not just carbon neutral. This means that, first of all, our operations emit as little Co2 as possible and that the remaining emissions are overcompensated together with Gold Standard, an offset system established by the UN and WWF to ensure projects that reduce carbon emissions with the highest levels of environmental integrity and contributing to global sustainable development.

Clonet (http://www.clonet.fi/en/ ), our partner in all CO2 concerns, has helped us to calculate Wolva’s carbon footprint calculations thus setting our emission reduction targets, evaluating emission reduction measures. They have also consulted us with the right compensation methods.


Ordering & Delivery

How quickly is my order delivered?

Wolva Products are usually sent within 1-2 days (Monday-Friday) after your order has been received. As products are shipped from our own warehouse in Finland, the standard delivery takes 3-5 days to Central Europe.

If you are in urgent need of Wolva, you can always choose the DHL Express delivery and you should receive the products in 1-2 days.

Get free delivery! If you order period products worth 50 € or more, the delivery is free.

Who will deliver my order?

Our deliveries are handled by DHL and Deutsche Post. You are able to choose either a standard parcel delivery (3-5 days) or the Express delivery (1-2 days).

Get free delivery! If you order period products worth 50 € or more, the delivery is free.

Which payment methods can I use?

We use the most secure payment partner called Stripe and the available payment options include debit or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay and Google Pay. Stripe is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider. This is the most stringent level of certification available in the payments industry.

How do I know what time will my order be delivered?

Once your order has been registered with DHL you will receive an email / SMS notification from DHL about the delivery.  If you have chosen DHL Express delivery, you will receive notification by email / SMS and you are able to go to DHL’s On Demand Delivery via smart link. You can see the suggested delivery time or, should you wish, you can change the delivery date. After that you will get a confirmation and the delivery will take place accordingly.


How do I make a subscription?

When buying a Wolva product, you see an option to make a subscription. You only need to decide the delivery frequency which best suits your menstrual flow. Fill in the form, pay the subscription and you can leave the rest to us; we’ll take care that you have your favourite Wolva products ready when you need them.

How to make changes to my subscription?

You can alter or cancel your subscription any time you want by clicking the Account button (the person shaped icon) at the top of the page.