Period Care. Disposable, yet sustainable.

Wolva is the world’s most sustainable disposable period care.  Just as importantly, we suit every body and every skin type. Good on you and good for planet earth.


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We want to offer exactly what you need. Answer our short survey around periods and the products you use. All participants have a change to win a set of Wolva product. We give away 10 sets in total.

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Produced with renewable energy. Biodegradable.



Cruelty free. Natural cellulose & organic cotton.



For less transport emissions.  Lasts longer too.



No harsh chemicals, plastics, dyes, chlorine bleaching nor fragrances.



Designed for comfort & ultimate safety.

Trust in nature, trust yourself

Organic cotton combined with natural cellulose from certified nordic forests. Our period products are more than sustainable.

Our mission

We have a simple mission; to bring you menstrual products that are as healthy and as safe on you as possible, as beautiful as possible and as good for the planet as possible.

For us, the forest is a source of raw materials, a source of inspiration and place to renew our strengths. Our period care might be disposable, but is yet sustainable. Read more about our story.


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Ethical, indeed

Wolva is created and made by a Finnish family owned company called Delipap. We have been developing and designing sustainable hygiene care products for more than 40 years. Since the beginning, our core competencies have included environmental responsibility, skin-friendliness and high product quality.

Wolva is organic, vegan and Europe’s first carbon negative feminine hygiene product line.



Voice of Wolva.

Voice of Wolva is our space for learning, sharing and caring. There is too much shame around topics that are only natural. We talk about our periods, about our Vulva, feminine hygiene and topics like empowerment, and self-love.

We believe our Menstrual Cycle is something powerful, if we learn how to use it. Find out more at Voice of Wolva.

We bleed,
yet we are not hurt

We live under the sun and love under the moon.

We know our shadows and aren’t afraid of the dark.

We bleed so we can create. Our blood is nurturing and powering.

We bleed so we can embrace our true nature. We are nature, we are revived by our flow.

We bleed, yet we are not hurt.

We are women. We are Wolva.

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